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National Health Resource Repository (NHRR)


CBHI is committed to build an integrated Health Informatics Platform which can provide reliable, accurate and relevant national health information enabling evidence based policy formulation and decision making. CBHI understands that effective health resources management and allocation requires timely and accurate information from various sources for monitoring of the health status of the population. Accurate and relevant information is not only important to identify the lacuna in the health service delivery, but also is vital for public health decision making, health sector reviews, planning and resource allocation.

At present, though CBHI extensively collects data from various States and UTs, Disease Control Programmes, and other organizations/agencies, still deficiencies such as non-reporting, under-reporting and delays in transmission of public health data continue to exist. Further, unavailability of private sector health resources data including service and manpower availability, health infrastructure, equipments, and other important data points continues to be a challenge. As a result, public health resources planning and decision making misses important dimension of leveraging private sector health infrastructure in service delivery.

Understanding the need of timely and accurate health resources data from both public and private sector, CBHI conceptualized the framework of making a National Health Resources Repository (NHRR), where both public and private sector data resides. A national census was conceptualized in order to make a robust and comprehensive database of national health resources i.e., both public and private which inter-alia includes, hospitals, diagnostic labs, doctors and pharmacies, etc. The census data will comprise on health infrastructure, human resource and the availability of medical facilities in each health establishment in the country.

The  mandate of the NHRR is to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Promote evidence based planning and decision making in healthcare sector through provision of comprehensive data on healthcare resources (both public and private sector) in the country.
  2. Provide visibility of private sector healthcare resources to facilitate public private partnership initiatives for improve access and availability of health services.
  3. Provide technology based solutions to improve efficiency of health systems by improving planning, provisioning of healthcare resources.
  4. Improve informed decision making and community awareness by allowing access to holistic information on healthcare resources.
  5. Promote meaningful use of data collection and exchange services for better healthcare management by providing a common platform for sharing information.
  6. Promote convergence between similar programmes by providing interoperability.
  7. Enhance effectiveness of programme planning and implementation at centre, state and district level by providing updated healthcare resource status.
  8. Provide a platform for managing emergencies effectively by providing information on all the healthcare resources (public & private) in the designated geography.
  9. Furnish standardized data, distribution of resources and trends on the global platform, using regularly updated health status indicators.