Government of India Central Bureau of Health Intelligence Department of Health & Family Welfare
Central Bureau of Health Intelligence - Government of India



The Objectives of CBHI are:

  1. To collect, analyze & disseminate Health Sector related data of the country for evidence based policy decisions, planning and research activities.
  2. To identify & disseminate innovative practices for Health Sector Reforms.
  3. To develop Human Resources for scientifically maintaining medical records in both Government & private medical Institutes in India.
  4. To Carry Out Need Based Operational Research for Efficient implementation of Health Information System & use of Family of International Classifications in India.
  5. To sensitize & create a pool of Master Trainers in Health sector for implementation of Family of International Classification in India.
  6. To collaborate with National & International Institutes for imparting knowledge & skill development.
  7. To function as collaborating centre (CC) for WHO FIC in India & SEAR countries.